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You may have heard that we are a small state, but we take immense pride and have deep loyalties to our state and our country. New England is rich in history, and Rhode Island was at the forefront of Colonial America. While early settlers laid the foundation for our democratic way of life, service to country has played an important role in the Ocean State. 









Our Post, Unit, and Squadron members are dedicated to the Four Pillars of the Legion:

    • Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation

    • National Security

    • Americanism

    • Children and Youth




If we can be of service to you, let us know. If you can be of service to us, even better! - we can always use quality people to assist in our many projects. Check out our local post listings on the left column for a post near your community.




Department Headquarters
1005 Charles Street
North Providence, RI 02904

P: 401.726.2126
F: 401.726.2464


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Department Commander:

David Williams

Department Service Officer:

Ron Levasseur

Phone: 401-475-9490

Department Finance Officer:

Robert Schierschmidt 

Department Adjutant:

Gene Pytka

Phone: 401-726-2126




To learn more about the largest veterans organization in the world, visit www.legion.org.


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We are a  503 (c) (19)  Nonprofit War Veterans' Organization


 Tax treatment of donations. Donations to war veterans' organizations are deductible as charitable contributions on

the donor's federal income tax return

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